Smart Features Loaded in the New Ford Fusion

The all-new Ford Fusion is the midsize sedan that is getting quite a lot of attention these days due in part to all the smart features loaded inside.

The Blind Spot Information System that comes in the all-new Ford Fusion keeps you safer on the highways. If a car is in your blind spots, the corresponding side mirror on your ride flashes to warn you to not leave the safety of your lane. Once the system detects the road is clear, the lights stop flashing and you can move over safely. 

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The Ford F-150 Has Convenient Travel Tools

SYNC Connect is one of the main tools that make the Ford F-150 a practical family vehicle. If you take advantage of this technology on the road, you'll reach various destinations efficiently and safely.

During shopping situations in locations that have hundreds of parking spots, you can find the Ford F-150 quickly after exiting the cabin. This is possible because SYNC Connect has FordPass, which is a tool that tracks the vehicle's location after it's parked. Besides the tracking feature, SYNC also has the ability to implement remote functions. 

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The 2018 Ford Expedition Capability Features at a Quick Glance

When you are in the market for a new automobile, a grasp on what each vehicle (that you have in mind) has to offer can be resourceful. Are you interested in a full-size SUV? If you are, the 2018 Ford Expedition is an excellent choice. Read further to learn about a few capability features that are equipped with the 2018 Expedition.

The 2018 model offers an available Terrain Management System. This is essential for those who enjoy off-road adventures because there are seven drive modes, such as wet, gravel, and snow, that provide you with superior traction on all types…

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Stylish Design Features of the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a popular midsize SUV that won awards for being the best 2-row SUV for families and the best 2-row SUV for the money. In addition to being a safe, reliable vehicle, the Ford Edge has stylish design features. Two design features of this midsize SUV are ambient lighting and the Panoramic Vista Roof.

A popular feature in luxury cars, ambient lighting is included in the Ford Edge too. You can enjoy a luxurious drive while having the necessary cargo space you need. Seven ambient lighting colors you can choose from are purple, blue, soft blue, ice…

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Choose Your Next Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

The Ford Certified Pre-Owned program is a popular way of purchasing a high-quality vehicle for your next new-to-you purchase. Our team here at Woodhams Ford Lincoln have a wide range to choose from and are happy to help you find that right vehicle.

Why certified pre-owned? It’s a question that we frequently get and want to point out some of the advantages of this program. Each vehicle goes through a 172-point inspection where we go through the full history of the vehicle. 

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Ford EcoSport: Stop and Start Assist Features

The Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV with features to help with city driving conditions and rural road environments. It was created to save fuel, climb hills, and move families or individuals with gear.

When you are parked in front of another vehicle on a busy hillside, the Ford EcoSport will sense the slope. When you release the brake and press the gas, the hill start assist program will not allow the car to roll backwards. It’s smart technology at work for you. The auto start-stop system detects when you have been stopped for a set amount of time…

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Convenient Charging Features in the 2018 Ford Focus Electric

Charging is an important part of EV ownership, so you're going to want to get a car that makes the process as easy as possible. The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is an in-demand compact EV that has convenient charging features. Whether you're getting the task done at home or at a charging station, the Focus Electric gives you the charging information you need at a glance.

The charging port of the car has bright LED indicators. When the connector cord is plugged in, the lights show you the status of the charge. It includes four bars that will…

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Understanding the Different Types of Truck Bed Liners

Most truck owners think there is only one type of bed liner available, but here at our Ford service center, we wanted to make certain you were informed of all the options available. The most common type of bed liner is the one you probably have seen the most, the drop-in bed liner. These plastic tubs are molded to specifically match the contours of every type of truck. These are durable and can be replaced if they suffer years of abuse.

Spray-on bed liners put a permanent shield over the bed, but they must be prepped correctly or they never…

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2018 Ford Expedition: Notable Performance Features

Are you shopping for a full-size SUV? If you are, we suggest the Ford Expedition. Not only does the new Expedition offer a stylish exterior and comfortable interior, it also comes with numerous performance features that make it an excellent full-size SUV. To learn more, we have summarized a couple of performance features that are included with the new model.

The Expedition comes with a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission that features a tow/haul setting. With this setting, you have excellent traction, handling, and performance when you are towing and hauling heavy equipment. 

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Understanding the Basics About Synthetic Oil

In basic terms, synthetic oil is a product that is made from artificial chemicals. This is contrasted with traditional petroleum oil that does not contain synthetic chemicals.

Synthetic oil comes in two basic forms. First, there is synthetic oil that is blended with petroleum oil. Second, there is synthetic oil that is completely petroleum free.

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