The Ford EcoSport is not just your normal compact SUV. In fact, the very look of the Ford EcoSport sets it apart from rivals. An outside that is structured and contoured follows sleek lines from the compact front to the heighted rear hatch of this SUV. With a side-open rear door, loading and unloading is made easy. This interesting features also gains attention for its unique functionality.

Ambient lighting on the inside of the Ford EcoSport showcases this SUV's modern attributes. A color touchscreen that is chic and easy-to-use adorns the dash making it easy for owners to stay in control while driving. While some package options, like the SES Black Appearance Package, dictate the interior color scheme of the Ford EcoSport, the cabin coloring of other models is driven by consumer selection. Individualized and customizable, the Ford EcoSport is a charming little SUV.



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