Our team understands the importance of finding a pickup that has the dependability to get you through the day. When it comes to the durability features on the Ford Super Duty, this popular heavy-duty pickup is built to help you tow and haul.

Each Super Duty starts with a high-strength aluminum-alloy body that provides you with a strong but lighter body that is rust and dent resistant. Combined with the high-strength steel frame, you’re given a truck that has best-in-class payload and towing capability. The frame utilizes 10 cross members that add strength and durability to the Super Duty.

To help make sure that the Super Duty can handle a wide range of situations, it’s received over 20 million miles of testing that’s exposed it to extreme temperatures and driving conditions. Whether it’s dust, gravel, mud, or other environments, the Super Duty has gone through them to help make sure it’s ready for your job.


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