The Ford Ranger is Ready for Adventure

The Ford Ranger is a mid-sized pickup that you can find at Woodhams Ford Lincoln in South Haven, MI. The Ford Ranger is useful as a commuting vehicle, and it is rugged enough to take you on adventures to out of the way places. This truck has a number of features that provide for off-road fun.

The Ford Ranger is equipped with electronic shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive. This feature allows you to go into four-wheel drive by turning a dial. There is a 4WD high and low option. Four-low is useful when you need a lot of power in very rugged terrain. You can switch back to 2WD for city streets and dry pavement.

Trail Control is a nice adventure feature on the Ford Ranger. It is a type of cruise control used on rough terrain. This feature will maintain speed and braking allowing you to concentrate your attention on steering through challenging terrain.

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