Ford Transit Passenger Wagon: The People Mover of Choice

The Ford Transit Wagon is a welcome addition to the passenger van segment. It's innovative layout and design make it more attractive for both passenger and drivers. While the Transit Wagon is most admired for it's shuttle bus style interior, seating configuration, and comfortable individual seats, one of the most impressive features is it's easy handling. The Ford Transit Wagon drives more like a large SUV than a traditional passenger van.

The cab-forward design and partial uni-body construction make the Transit Wagon feel more stable on the road. The advanced suspension setup also helps to reduce sway and body roll, especially in rougher terrain. Additionally, the available EcoBoost engine produces ample power for getting the Transit Wagon out of tight spots or sticky situations.

The Ford Transit Wagon is well ahead of it's competitors in just about every category. Let the pros at Woodhams Ford give you a glimpse of the unique features and amenities of the Ford Transit Wagon.



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