Ford dramatically redesigned the Explorer sport utility vehicle in 2020. Breaking conventional standards, the company introduces a rear-wheel drive for better acceleration on dry highways. Drivers can also get the Intelligent 4WD system that's been updated to provide better all-weather handling. A 10-speed gearbox is installed by default in this updated Ford SUV.

There are several other unique mechanical options under the Explorer's hood, such as the all-new hybrid powertrain. A twin-turbocharged engine block with a 3.0 L displacement claims the EcoBoost badge of honor. You can also ask Woodhams Ford about the 2.3 L engine that carries this patented technology.

Thanks to the Terrain Management, you won't have to worry about losing control of the Explorer in difficult driving conditions. The Deep Snow/Sand Mode is optimized to prevent the wheels from getting stuck during a blizzard or on the beach. There's also a custom driving mode for towing and hauling.



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