Tip and Slide Seating Makes the Expedition a Standout SUV

Driving a large SUV was once a job that felt a lot like driving a truck. However, the new Ford Expedition is trying to change the game by introducing an interior that’s more like a luxury sedan than a truck, and it’s getting attention everywhere it goes with its tip and slide seats and room for up to eight passengers.

The Expedition’s tip and slide seats are a new feature that makes driving simple. They move forward, fold down, and make it easy to get your passengers in and out of the third row. If you have a baby in a car seat, you don’t need to remove the car seat to tip and slide the seats fully. Additionally, this new ride has room for eight without a bench seat. Instead, you get a middle seat in the middle row that folds down and makes room for everyone.

Driving the new Expedition is something we’re already seeing a lot more of this year at our Ford dealership. Families want comfort, functionality, and a full-size SUV with a crossover price tag. That’s what you get when you take one of our Expeditions for a spin.



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