Ford Taurus: Technology to Keep You Safer

The Ford Taurus is a larger sedan that is roomy on the inside with a sleek design on the outside. For a number of years, the Ford Taurus has had a record of being a very dependable vehicle. Safety is important at Ford, and the Taurus has the technology that keeps you safer.

An important technology that provides you with safety while driving the Taurus is adaptive cruise control. This type of cruise control uses sensors to scan ahead for slow traffic. If necessary, the system will slow the Taurus down, and the preset speed will resume when it is safe.

A technology that keeps you safer in the Ford Taurus is forward collision warning with brake support. If a collision is anticipated, you will receive a warning. The brakes will automatically be applied if you don't use them yourself. This will slow the Taurus down so that a collision is avoided.



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