The Ford C-Max Offers Smart Features

Choosing the Ford C-Max is an easy decision and a smart choice. This popular compact hybrid makes driving easier with smart features designed for comfort and safety. Let’s take a look at what the C-Max has to offer.

When backing up, a rear back-up camera will be activated that makes it easier to see things in your path. An Enhanced Active Park Assist will scan for the just the right size parking space and prompt you to brake, accelerate, and shift. The system takes over the steering and glides you perfectly into the space.

The C-Max comes with a customizable LCD display that leaves you in control of how you want it to look. The SmartGuage will give you even more information to help you boost your fuel economy. The energy coach will help you get the most out of your smart hybrid. There are many reasons to check out the C-Max at Woodhams Ford Lincoln.



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