Increase Super Duty Safety and Productivity with Ford Technology

Ford can be your partner in productivity. Getting hitched up properly, parking the trailer, and maintaining road safety in South Haven, MI are less stressful and less time-consuming with the extensive camera system offered only by Ford.

The F-Series Super Duty trucks are the only ones to offer a blind spot monitor with two side cameras to watch the trailer's side traffic. Furthermore, only Ford is offering the three-camera system for Trailer Reverse Guidance. This uses the hitch camera and two side cameras. A high-mounted bed camera watches over hookup for gooseneck hitches. It also lets you keep an eye on cargo. Adding a camera to the trailer itself, the Ford system provides another tool for safe reverse maneuvers.

Super Duty trucks are ready to keep drivers out of trouble and on the road. Learn more at Woodhams Ford Lincoln.

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