Know When Your Transfer Case Needs Service!

When you notice problems transitioning into four-wheel-drive the likely culprit is the transfer case. You may be noticing that the vehicle pops in and out of four-wheel-drive mode. Alternatively, you may be hearing grinding sounds or experience problems switching gears. All these signs point to a problem with the unit that distributes power to the axles.

Transfer cases malfunction due to a lack of fluid. Every box contains several small gears that require lubricant to function correctly. This fluid is susceptible to leaking and degradation. If the gearbox continues in this condition, it can lead to costly damage and repairs. Thus, it is important to include transfer case fluid changes as part of your scheduled maintenance plan.

If you've noticed any of the above-described symptoms you should contact our service center as soon as possible. The experienced technicians at Woodhams Ford Lincoln are ready to revive your troubled transfer case.

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