Ford EcoSport Infotainment Features You'll Appreciate

No modern vehicle is complete without a great infotainment center. Compact crossovers from Woodhams Ford Lincoln, like the Ford EcoSport, have become very popular because of their high-value amenities. The EcoSport has a unique infotainment center that's filled with convenient features you'll use every time you get behind the wheel.

The crossover uses the SYNC 3 system. A tablet-style touch screen display is installed directly on the dash. Rather than sitting flush against the contours of the dashboard, it's installed vertically. This puts it at the optimal viewing angle. Within the SYNC 3 system, you can access the available navigational system, connect to satellite radio, make hands-free calls, and much more.

The infotainment center is also connected to the standard rearview camera. The camera is discreetly installed on the cargo door. When you shift into reverse, the feed from that camera is displayed onto the infotainment screen. Drivers can use the distance markers and wide-angle view to back out safely.



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