A Couple Signs Your Car's Exhaust Might Be Leaking

A leak in the exhaust system in your car is serious because those pipes are designed to move dangerous gases away from the engine and to the tailpipe. Here are a couple ways you can identify a leaking exhaust.

Since it is impossible to smell the gases leaking, try to feel for them instead. Once inside your vehicle, grab the steering wheel and see if you feel a new vibration. You can do the same with your foot on the accelerator or when you sit in the driver's seat.

Listen for trouble with the exhaust system too. Trouble may exist when you hear a high pitch whistling from the tailpipe. Under the car hood, see if you can hear any popping or hissing coming from the exhaust manifold.

At the first sign of any leaks in the exhaust, bring your car to Woodhams Ford Lincoln’s service team so the concern can be properly addressed.


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